Well, I skipped the 1.2 post but here we are, with all the updates from 1.1 (as mentioned in this post) to 1.3!

1.1 -> 1.2:

– Added (temporary) section for the Corps, plus cards
– Added (temporary) section for the Conglomerate, plus cards
– Added the first Blitz scenario, “Data Dump”
– Removed leftover mentions to the “Universal cards”, that are deprecated since 1.1
– Further clarified the “Reactive” rule
– Action “Activate a Deployed Unit” now reads “Activate a Unit in play”

 1.2 -> 1.3

– Added the condition to lose the token for prepared actions on cards (Reset when moving, for instance)
– Plenty of new artwork from Taha Yeasin. By 1.4 any AI-generated art will be removed from the manual.
– add the Commander ability (Command can be used anywhere on the table)
– Added the narrative introduction for Union and Conglomerate, thanks to Iain Ross
– fixed page 18 about stacking multiple AP bonuses (they don’t stack!)
– Added “Tracked” -> the Unit can ignore the effects of Broken terrain (sorry, should have been there since 1.2!)
– Added “Blunt” -> the Unit cannot interact with objective.
– Added “Evasive” -> discard the highest result towards the target.
– Added “Inert” -> the Unit cannot react
– Added “Unwavering” -> The Unit can perform actions while pinned.
– Moved the Load/Unload paragraph in the “GAME ROUND” chapter with extra clarification for multiple transported units.
– Added the “unloading as a reaction” paragraph.
– Loading units in a transport requires the units to be ready (not activated this round) to do so.
– Clarified that an Area weapon can hit models that are not in line of sight.
– Slight clarification for “Multiple Reactions”
– Clarified that flying weapons cannot be hit with Contact weapons.
– Clarified that Victory Cards decks are one per player (9 cards each)
– Clarified that a player cannot draw more than 9 cards in a game.
– Clarified that units CAN start the game aboard a transport, and can be also deployed as such.
– Added section “Damage to Transported Units”, removed the “open transport” general ability. This makes the Union “open transport” special rule more reasonable.
– Better explained the X2 next to some weapons: you shoot twice with one action to up two different targets.
– Added a “Measuring Conventions” chapter to clarify some distances and LoS ambiguity.
– Added concept of “Reserve” to indicate all the available units that are not in play but are not locked in a future reinforcement wave.
– The placing of the units at the beginning of the game is defined as Set-Up, as opposed to Deploy.
– Added clarification about the Battle Setup: units can be set up WITH transported units, and any troop that is not set up starts as Reserve.
– Reinforcement waves are NOT secret – it makes a lot of stuff more complicated to handle, and people can figure that out anyways.
– Clarified the Observer rule for the Conglomerate (when applied, and for how long)
– Clarified the Guided Shot rule for the Conglomerate (it reduces the opponent’s defense)
– Clarified the “Deploying Units” paragraph
– Changed the “Line of Sight” paragraph, now vehicles and mech can’t hide behind infantry, and behemoths are always visible
– Added the “Fighting through Terrain” and “Strongpoints” paragraphs.
– Rewrote the “Infantry Cover” paragraph.
– Fixed the “Deployment and Reinforcements” paragraph to better fit the set-up and deploy rules
– Added a line in the “Moving close to Opponents” paragraph, to solve some (literal) corner cases.

So… Happy gaming, and stay tuned for 1.4, with a new pagination format and a LOT more art! 🙂