And after around eight months from the release of 1.0, we added enough new stuff in the manual to release a 1.1 version of the game!
In terms of gameplay there are few changes, but the amount of extra content is quite big!

All the new stuff can be downloaded from the usual MyMiniFactory product page, which is where you got the original manual in the first place! https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-full-spectrum-dominance-rulebook-262512

Here’s a full changelog for the release:

1.0 -> 1.1:

– Added the Behemoths rules
– Added the No Man’s Land scenario
– Added the Clash of Titans scenario for Behemoths
– Added the Goliath scenario for Behemoths
– Added “side movement” special rule
– Added “Open Transport” rule
– Clarified rotations for movement in the Movement section
– Now reinforcement waves are *not* secret anymore. It was overly complicated.
– Movement and Facing has been reworded. Units can change facing at the beginning of each 1DU movement section.
– Clarified that only ONE unit can react at a time.
– Clarified the “Damage Chart” and removed any mention to infantry: it’s never the case but infantry COULD have a damage chart
– Added new images in the Behemoth section
– Terrain now has rules for tiles and hex-and-counter
– Rewording ALL scenarios, with intro stories when missing
– Moved the “playing scenarios” chapter next to the scenarios.
– Reordered the special rules chapter.
– Mounted infantry now is less efficient interacting with objectives
– Action always caps, same with Round.
– fixed many instances of “turn” instead of “round”
– Rename Battle Droids and all Droids (Thanks Lucas Art)
– “badly drawn opponent” art improved but not too much 😉

And, if you want to see what’s coming next, do check out the last two pages of the 1.1 pdf!