Jonathon Davison went full-in for this custom build for Full Spectrum Dominance.
Since the panels he bought were a bit longer than the standard 90 cm (or 3 feet) that a FSD table required, he decided to embed in the extra space the slots for Activation Dice and a handy dice tray! All in a single block of XPS!

And with this as a base, it’s only a matter of textures, paint, flocking… It sounds easier when is someone else doing it.

And now – time for some close-ups of the excellent terrain vignettes! I’m generally a no-bases-for-terrain kind of guy, but these certainly are making a lot of sense to me!


Last but not least, a group shot of their Tech army, ready for the battlefield!

I don’t know about you, but this is all very inspiring for me! Especially now that I should be working on some industrial terrain… :3