As part of the upcoming end-of-the-year campaign, two new factions are going to be released. Here’s a first preview of one.

The Wastelander’s Union is a coalition of the local inhabitants of the factory-cities situated on the outermost planets. These factory-cities, once under the dominion of mega corporations, were either abandoned by their corporate overlords or seized by the inhabitants in a bid to reclaim their lives and livelihoods.

The Union’s gameplay style is marked by its emphasis on speed and maneuverability, with a diverse array of light vehicles at their disposal combined with slow but massive Mobile Fortresses that offers substantial support on the battlefield.

The once-construction-vehicles turned war machines will have an industrial look, and above all their Behemoth, a mobile refinery, will tower over anything else on the table with its chimneys and enormous mechanical arms.

Painted by Draconian Minipainting https://www.instagram.com/draconian_minipainting/

This is the first fully painted preview of what the Union will bring. Stay tuned for more renders and previews!

(UPDATE: OnTableTop featured us on their latest weekender! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOBTDZKYRoQ&t=2850s&ab_channel=OnTableTop )