Abandoned after the Singularity, the workers of the Factory-cities unionized and seized the means of production, creating their own independent nations and preparing for war. As every other power in the Systems now looks forward to gaining control of the factories and their resources, the Union is ready to hold their ground.

The faction’s gameplay emphasizes utilizing the full might of their industrial capabilities, converting their sprawling manufacturing infrastructure into a formidable war machine and their countless workers in foot soldiers.

The Union’s approach to warfare is defined by their use of weaponized machinery, including vast, towering machines that crawl across battlefields, and an abundance of fast infantry with expertise in demolition and sabotage.

This formidable combination allows for a dynamic and layered strategy, where players can deploy few massive warmachines for direct assaults or swarm the opponent with hordes of cheap vehicles and infantry to outnumber the enemy units.


Here are some playable 60-points sample lists for new players and curious alike.
These lists are designed to be fun to play and to be relatively balanced, but we encourage players to create their own!