The Tech, a faction if synthetic warriors born from the Singularity, represents the manifestation of the Hive Intelligence. This gestalt machine consciousness, driven by an insatiable quest to unlock the meaning of existence, has created a force that is a testament to the power of technology.

They view organic life as wasteful and self-defeating, and they will stop at nothing to secure planets rich in resources that can further their cause. But the Tech can be resisted and even defeated. Any encounter with the their synthetic hordes, however, is sure to be a battle for survival.

The Tech’s forces are not known for their speed, but their mechs have the unique ability to use their jump packs to fly across the battlefield, making them a highly mobile and unpredictable adversary. Their ranks range from the small, skittering Spider Droids, which are dropped from interstellar vessels to serve as the vanguard of an invasion force, to the massive bipedal war machines, ready to bring destruction upon their foes.


Here are some playable 60-points sample lists for new players and curious alike.
These lists are designed to be fun to play and to be relatively balanced, but we encourage players to create their own!