Every Corporation in the Systems has far too many interests in the resources of the Factory-cities and of the outer worlds alike.

This faction is characterized by its mass-produced, morality-free forces, ready to be deployed on any resource-rich planet with some of the best equipment available.

Somewhat detached from the existential war waged by the Tech for self-consciousness, the Conglomerate’s sole focus lies in maximizing profits for its shareholders.

The strategic gameplay of the Conglomerate revolves around leveraging their technological superiority to control the battlefield from distance, employing cutting-edge weaponry and advanced logistical capabilities to secure valuable assets across the galaxy.

Their innovative use of orbital deployment of unmanned drop pods allows them to swiftly control the battlefield, deploying troops and resources with precision to counter any strategy their opponents might attempt.


Here are some playable 60-points sample lists for new players and curious alike.
These lists are designed to be fun to play and to be relatively balanced, but we encourage players to create their own!