Here’s a list of videos and web pages talking about our models:


The great OTT crew has been following us from the beginning, and keep mentioning us in their weekly updates too! We even won the 2022 OTT Industry Awards’ Choice Award! 

Here’s the videos:
Our first mention
A full interview
How to play Full Spectrum Dominance
2022 Industry Awards
The new Favelas range
Preview of the Union faction

And A bunch of great articles too:


About the Game / How to Play

6mm Wargames – A full game preview
RoK Games – How to Play Battle Report
wargamer.com – Introduction to the game
Gaminggeek – Overview and game mechanics
Barbus in Game – Presentation de FSD (In French!)

Models Reviews

Mighty Minis UK – Favelas Range
Mighty Minis UK – Comms Towers and Wasteland Outposts
Mighty Minis UK – Research Buildings
Mighty Minis UK – Perimeter Walls
6mm Wargames – Research Buildings
ChargeBlog SITREP – Tiny Buildings 1 (Medina)
ChargeBlog SITREP – Tiny Buildings 2 (Condos and Antenna)
ChargeBlog SITREP – Tiny Buildings 3 (Blast walls and more Medina)
ChargeBlog – Favela

Projects From Other Channels

Adam Savage’s Tested – 3D Printing a Miniature Cityscape Diorama  – yes, that Adam Savage!
Geek Gaming Scenics – Mini Warhammer Table
Dark Matter Workshop – A portable Gaslands board in 10mm
Geek Gaming Scenics – Tiny Shanty Town with a writeup on the Phrozen3D website!
BP Custom Creations – Thales-inspired scratch-built spaceship
RoK Minis – How to Paint Shanty Town 2
I.R.O – A custom made Full Spectrum Dominance board
scratch-that.org – The Miniature Photography of Benjamin Wendt
BP Custom Creations – Making Mecha Beetle Crawlers with Plato Legs
BP Custom Creations – A Lava Diorama with Enlisted Troops
Warboss Fitz – Upscaling the Tech to 28mm